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We’ve been working for some 10 years in to achieve that companies should not to work from checked notebooks and excel tables and track their processes by them.

What should you know about us:
We learn our clients’ fields of expertise
In each case, we provide a detailed quotation
and strive to be aware of the overwhelming majority
of expectations as early as at the time of giving the quote


How we work?

working methods

Our colleagues will lead our clients through the periods of concept-quotation-development-introduction-support with almost 140 years of professional experience in order to get the best results. We can work wonders only with the proper support by the customers.


Resources / time

our mission

NanoworX offers traceability solutions primarily for producing companies, custom applications for special processes, with state-of-the-art technologies. In each case, we take the special needs of our Customers into account and adjust to their fields of expertise.

The strength of our company is cohesion, research and development and continuous professional development. Our creative team responds quickly to changing customer needs and technological changes.

Our mission is to offer the best unique solutions with state-of-the-art equipment. Our company intends to play a decisive role in the region and in Hungary. We want to appear in international arena by 2020.

#1 Learn! #2 Ask! #3 Listen! #4 Experience! #5 Improve! #6 Get informed! #7 Select! #8 Innovate! #9 Create! #10 Soar!

our team

Andrea Balatoni
Péter Bánovics
Zoltán Csuka
Szabolcs Fertály
Gábor Futó
Valentin Hidasi
Zoltán Illés
Máté Ilyés
Viktória Nánási
Tamás Rónai
Tamás Szántó
Ádám Takács
Teodóra Takács



reFactory ERP provides utmost support for the processes of manufacturing companies from purchase to delivery.

The main task of reFactory is to provide product traceability, control production (e.g. printers, machines, barcode readers) and poka-yoke.

In addition, it supports quality control and the monitoring of production machines (downtime, machine utilization), too.

[ .NET, SQL Server, Telerik, JS ]


With this solution, you can display images, videos, and online data on any TV.

The software can serve any number of TVs. PCs connected to the TV will receive content from a server, but the application can also work offline. With the central application, you can set programs running on TVs and the status of TVs as well. The system also includes a common media collection.

[ .NET, Oracle ]


Rental chaos is over. Scheduled, planned bookings and document generation in one place. Order.

With iRent Web application you can keep track of what was rented by whom and when. By means of this solution you can print out the transfer / receipt / and pledge documents related to renting process. The system has its own serial number-based device register and handles hardware errors / repairs as well.

[ Flex, Flash, php ]


Do you find your HR Processes chaotic? Is XLS work schedule overwhelmed by advertising jobs? oneTime is the answer.

The system helps you to plan your employees’ work schedule, taking legal requirements into account, supports advertising in a form of weekly and daily plans, up to machine levels, even with varying schedules. Along with the full management of employee data, it prepares working time data up to payroll.

[ .NET, Oracle, Telerik, JS ]


oneMES: Utmost support for manufacturing processes. A system above all.

oneMES provides full-scale support in the following areas: logistics with mobile handhelds; barcode technology (reading and printing); PLC integration; shop-floor activities; employee communication, metering data collection and visualization; laboratory activities; raw material and (semi-manufactured) product tracking.

[ .NET, Oracle, Telerik, JS ]

our services


We can help you not stay alone when you are thinking of launching a project. We are happy to take part in the development of technical content and in the preparation of tender packages. We can also help you prepare a quotation.

The result of this work is a documentation that allows our customers to request a quotation in a standardised way.

Technical survey

Complete and document the details of all components of a complete software launch as needed. This includes:

  • Select hardware to be installed for the manufacturing infrastructure concerned (barcode scanner, barcode printer, sensor installation, installation of measuring devices, location of computers, design of chassis, choice of peripherals, choice of handhelds)
  • Providing consultancy on the deployment of a weak current network (where, what network devices are needed)
  • Advice on the development of an electrical network

Giving quotations

We are pleased to give an offer for a system upgrade. We carefully evaluate customer requirements and provide continuous information on the status of the requirement specification. We consult with several people ([key] users, decision-makers): we summarise the ideas and we do not hesitate to include our own ideas either.

System design

We design a system that someone else may create because, sometimes, the software is being prepared by another business and we only need to be involved in the design process, or we may need to help with conducting the project. Of course, we are much more happy to develop the system we have designed.

“They are really flexible and always strive to solve our problems.”

István Schlitt
István Schlitt

“We’ve been cooperating absolutely successfully for several years.”

Csaba Berkesi
Olympus Magyarország
Csaba Berkesi

“In every single case they provide more than we agreed on.”

Csaba Kónya
Csaba Kónya


Szabolcs Kiss
Szabolcs Kiss

“They get hooked on the issue and really get the hang of it … they often get more passionate about

János Karsai
János Karsai

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